a look at ... the darwinian selection

should I be ..... a trained ..... state licensed predator !

I should be in the proper position to successfully integrate >
in this predators 
tribe !

and then we could attack any part of this whole worldhumanity .....
since we are only an animal tribe .....

without any higher inteligence and aspirations > only
our animalistic show off >
since we dont care about human dignity !

as well .....
I would watch over this planetary wastefullness > those human exterminators >
so there couldnt be any discussion >

since animals do not want to live a responsible life ......

galactic religion.org

if I was robbing out .... 

the planetary resources of this whole world ... and spoiling every one around with the loot .... helping me > in this criminell endeaver .... then I would be a good guy ! if I was heating my church with 10 000 gallons of heating oel cooling it in the summer .... with mega watt hours of electricity instead of using the geo thermal energies right under my church yard there while talking about god and his heaven then I would be a holy man .... too ! if I would be motivating the drug industry to developing for all instances > medicine > instead of leading my whole population to eternal health ! physical and mental > then I could be president .... too ! if I was enslaving every one to 50 weeks a year of idiotic work serving all these idiots .... with our idiocies then I would be a success .... too ! but if I would be freaking out > because of all this perfect pretent then I would be a bad guy .... there while I was just stupid enough > thinking this could be a wonderful world to live in ...... where all those pretenters are in power communication galactic genesis

the american way of life ...

has be come > in reality > the american way of death !

and why is this so ???
when people are so free ???
having so many possibilities ????

as they have no where else ... in this world !

to understand this > we have to look at .....

the guy > watching 16hrs of television >
he is offered > all those emotions .... 16hrs long >
then he is sleeping > 8hrs long

his whole life is > experience > being ... un consious !
he is never reflecting !

why is he never re flecting ?

because if he is just thinking about his present day reality
he is out > there will be nothing left to do !

because he is just a customer of the television network !
for nothing else good ....

he has no one to talk to > has no way to be any thing else >
but being a consumer of the programs of channel xxxx

so he is becoming addicted to this > like any drug addict !

you can even check out ... the proccess in his brain >
the same brain activities going on >

as if he is having ..... too many drinks

or .. we think of the person > working 16hrs a day !
when he could finance his life with 1hr a day .....

why is he doing this ?

because ..... as soon as he would be even thinking about reality >
his existance > he would be ... realising >

that this is his whole function in his society !
producing ......

there can be no reflection about his life >
because he is not living > he is on the way to his grave !

he is a victim of > the american way of death !

this monster > having never enough .....

why are there street lights ?
when every human should be condemplating his days experience
all night long > and resting > judging his ... behavior ...... his existence ?

because of society > the masses wanting > customers >
wanting producers > just think of the fact >

wanting a 17 trillion national debt !!!
to get the economy going ...... while the environment going to hell !

on the one hand > there are all those > having no work at all
and then on the other hand > the poor guy >

having just 2 weeks of vacation > then 50 weeks again !
2 jobs > 3X

just think of the fact > that I have .... a hinged vector fin proa
standing out there >

and I can not even test it > because of all the anti terror
anti money laudering laws ... now in effect !

I am trying to transfer some of my money in the US >
to my life in europe >

for 6 months now and ..... I am not shure
when I will have a regular financial basis again ?

to be doing any thing > like fixing my car >
to take the proa > to the water !

I would have been starving long ago >
would I be dependant on my money in the US

wouldnt there be some one helping out >
and if I was not this resourceful at getting every thing I need

some how ..... with out stealing !

because as soon as some one starting out > getting criminell
letting alone freaking out > like out of frustation > blowing some thing up !

then society will get him for shure >
then they will point their finger at him >

he is bad !!!

when in fact those masses of insanity
are creating nothing > but the end of this whole world !

communication galactic religion

night time ..... should be exclusively ... for reflection !

for thinking about your life ... your responsibility 
your future ....

at most talking with your familie > in your house !
or just comtemplating alone ..... in the darkness ...

to becoming every day more enlightened > more responsible !

and not diverting all of your attention ... with the help of >
from streetlights ..... from driving around at night  >
from working at night ..... from drinking stupid stuff at night !

from entertainment at night ! 

to being a pest > to waste all of your future >
to be wasting your planetary resources 
to be wasting your climate
to be wasting your human potential !

but to be coming aware of your past >
not to be running away from your existence 
and the monsters around you ...... 

in the animal world .... only the preyed on and the preditor 
will be up at night !

and only criminals and their causualties 
have any thing from being out in public at night .....  

from streetlights other then ..... from 6am ....... 6pm 
in those areas north and south of .... 40 ?

when all public work is done > all the stores are open 
and when we will be riding on our bicycle to work for a few hours !

all of our night time activity > like the generating of power
should be automated > with ..... resident crews 
for a possible night time emergency

there should be no regular activity > not even in a hospital
because if we all become homo sapiens > there will be not one
becoming ill at night ..... not one having an accident at night !

we will have no news in the morning !
but a well rested up population !

sleeping several times at night > walking around to be checking out
some things > to be eating some thing > 

to being a value to your world !
not this insane problem .....

bragging about your being a problem > the end of all civilisation !
because you are having lost all and any touch with reality ...

because of not having reflected for decades on your life ! 
communication counsil galactic central
galactic central